Garden Clearance

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Where ever you are in London, we can offer you our exclusive garden clearance services, taking away any garden waste you may have lying around. Clearance Kings have been carrying out these services for many years and offer competitive prices. All our team are trained and highly qualified in all aspects of this work.

Trying to clear any garden can be time consuming and very difficult if you have no way of transporting it all to a tip once you have collected it all up. That is where our team come in. We come equipped with the right tools for the job including wheels barrows, brooms, rakes, shovels and a truck big enough to take away your garden waste.

No matter how big or small your garden is, Clearance Kings are here to help. We can take away garden furniture, leaves, branches, grass, old turf, broken fence panels and many other things that need disposing of. You can contact us for a more detailed list and to see what other services we provide.

If you are moving and you have just cleared out your garage or shed then you might have a lot of garden furniture that you do not need anymore. Let us take this away for you and have it recycled or disposed of properly. It really is amazing how good your garden can look when there is no rubbish left around not to mention a lot safer. There is nothing worse than not letting your children out in the garden because there is broken glass or damaged furniture that is unsafe to sit on.

Garden Clearance