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We provide our clients with a fast efficient service with the minimum of fuss. Here are some of the services we provide.

Clearance Kings provide clearance services with the best rates, affordable to any customer in and around the city. Whenever you hire us, just keep in mind that you are getting a reliable and the best clearing services possible.

Clearance Kings provide garden waste collection services. We have a group of staff who are specialised in handling junk removal and unwanted materials from gardens no matter how large the furniture might be or how much rubbish you might have. Our company is fully licensed and approved by the Environment Agency. Our prices are very affordable so anyone in London can hire us to help clear their property. Our main agenda is to ensure that every home, office, property owner is well satisfied with our services and to create an ideal environment. Some of the gardening clearing activities include:

  • Leave pruning
  • Cutting of flowers
  • Hedge trimming
  • Removal of twigs and any wood waste
  • Clearing of bushes and branches
  • Clearing household waste
  • Clearing weeds and dead plants

Clearance Kings provide a variety of residential waste services all over London and recycle most of the rubbish collected within a given premise.
Types of waste collected.

Wastes from bathtubs, kitchen cabinets, sink, old tables, beds, chairs and unwanted or used electrical items. The team members will provide all services including the recycling and disposal of all waste products within the owners’ residence.

House clearing is one service that needs professional and well trained personnel to ensure the safety of the owners’ property. Clearance Kings provide such services by ensuring the removal of all unwanted household from the premise. We are a team who is dedicated in providing the most affordable and well satisfaction to all homeowners in London.

Clearance Kings have experience in clearing any building waste. We are able to remove all kinds of building rubbish within a business premise. We always conduct 90%-to 95% of waste recycling to ensure that they minimise waste disposal within the environment. Some of the things we do include are pallets removal, unwanted plasterboard, tiles and unwanted concrete.

Our hard working men are very dedicated and always have a positive attitude in maintaining a clean environment. They are always dedicated to perform well in their job and leave the premise only when it is clean and tidy.